Review of Yamaha FG720SL Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha left handed guitar

Review of Yamaha’s Acoustic FG720SL Left Handed Guitar.

Yamaha make excellent guitars, acoustic and electric, at really affordable prices which play as good as guitars more than two or three times the price. One of my first guitars was a Yamaha Pacifica which cost less than $300 but played better than guitars I tried for $1000 or more.

This Yamaha FG720SL Left Handed Acoustic Guitar is a fantastic acoustic folk guitar, it looks good and plays great. The action is perfect for a beginner or a more experienced left handed guitarist. The guitar just feels much better than many other guitars.

The tone is very nice, high, mid and low tones are above average but the sustain is a little less than on some other very expensive guitars. Check out the demo below to hear how good the Yamaha FG700 series sounds, sorry its not a left handed guitar but it still sounds the same.

If money was no object and you didn’t know the price, you would probably pick this guitar based on how easy it is on the fingers and its great sound. I guess that’s why so many reviews praise this left handed guitar and call it the “best beginner’s guitar out there”.

The quality of this guitar is awesome! Yamaha’s quality control is amazing!

If you are a beginner, get this guitar!

If you are a seasoned player looking for an affordable guitar to use where you might not want to use your high priced guitar, get this guitar!

Check out other reviews and buy it on Amazon here!  This is an “affiliate links” which means that we may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through this link.

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