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If you’ve been seriously thinking about learning how to play blues guitar, like Buddy Guy, BB King or Albert King remember, learning to play the blues guitar is cool but it involves hours of practice, practice and more practice.

Lots of people who are in love with the blues guitar are frequent listeners of some of the world’s most popular 12 bar blues like “Red House”, “Sweet Home Chicago” and many, many other blues songs that thrive on the striking appeal of the 12 bar blues form.

What most people starting to learn to play the blues aren’t aware of is that there are three great blues forms – 8 bar blues, 12 bar blues and 16 bar blues.

The most popular is 12 bar blues and the simplest form of 12 bar Blues uses a key, so be aware that learning to play blues guitar isn’t too different from learning to play any guitar style. The most important element that distinguishes the blues from other forms lies in the blues feel, the range of notes and chords that you can use to master the forms.

It is important for you to practice strumming a chord while you learn to play the blues guitar. So it is best that you practice at least half an hour a day to refresh your mind with whatever was discussed during the previous lesson and practice that to get a good feel of the basic techniques.

What you can do is start practicing strumming on the strong beats. Try to practice strumming patterns using different chords. You can do strumming patterns with one chord, then switch to another chord, and play the pattern you started with once more.  When you are a beginner, you are bound to come across difficult times that no matter what you do or how hard you try, your fingers tend to fail you but you should be patient and never give up.

It is also important to master the technique of playing the dominant seventh chord. These make use of the  root, third, and fifth notes of the chord.

Remember, the golden rule in the blues is that all the chords used are dominant seventh chords.

Finally, the blues is what you care about so give it your best and bring out your own blues to create mind-blowing music. Let the world turn to hear what you have created and what you are playing.

Remember – Practice, Practice and Practice some more!

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